Strike Suit Zero 2013 MULTi5 RePack by Temaxa

Strike Suit Zero(2013/MULTi5/RePack by Temaxa)

Strike Suit Zero(2013/MULTi5/RePack by Temaxa)
2013 | PC | Developer & Publisher: Born Ready Games | 1.1GB
Language: English / German / French / Italian / Spanish
Sound language: English
Genre: Arcade / Action / Space / Simulator

STrike Zero Suit - Space arcade action, which is set in the final hours of the earth. The clock is ticking, and the planet is about to be destroyed. The last hope is to Strike Suit - a high-tech transforming spaceship, with enormous firepower and impressive abilities. You have to take under its control Strike Suit and fight to save the planet. Depends on your decisions seven billion lives.
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